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Counsellor/Psychotherapy and Supervision Service in Golders Green, North West London and Stamford Hill

About Therapy

Counselling & Psychotherapy helps you look at your issues and difficulties and to gain a greater understanding about what has been going on and to help enable you to make healthy choices and decisions.

Psychotherapy works on a deeper level, with the aim of releasing repressed feelings in the unconscious part of our mind. When this happens we are able to consciously gain a clearer understanding of ourselves such as our relationship dynamics. We aim to understand our inner world and how we relate in the external world with others such as with parents, siblings partners or those who are part of our lives.

Counselling & Psychotherapy are not intended to give advice, but rather to provide a safe and confidential setting for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, assumptions, worries and fears, your memories and wishes, dreams and fantasies, as part of the effort to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and to make sense of your life.

Therapy is intended to support people who have come to a point in their lives where they are struggling to cope with issues such as those below.

Therapy can help when ...

  • you are depressed, anxious or stressed
  • you suffer panic attacks, phobias, psychosomatic conditions, such as IBS,Psoriasis
  • you want to improve your relationships
  • you live with eating disorders
  • you are feeling confused, isolated, your life lacks meaning
  • you have experienced loss/bereavement
  • you experience identity crisis
  • you experience mid- life crisis
  • you experience "empty nest syndrome"
  • you have experienced Holocaust issues (2&3 Generation)
  • you are experiencing retirement challenges
  • you have sibling issues
  • you have low self esteem

The goal of psychotherapy is to work towards understanding and relieving the internal conflicts and through a deeper self-awareness, to allow you to remove the obstacles that are preventing you to develop as an emotionally healthy and creative individual.

BACP Registered