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Counsellor/Psychotherapy and Supervision Service in Golders Green, North West London and Stamford Hill

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have many questions about counselling and psychotherapy. I hope to answer some of them here.

How many times per week is therapy?

I work with each client once or twice weekly depending on their need.

How long does a session last?

A typical session is 50 minutes.

How do you work?

I work by integrating different disciplines and by working psycho-dynamically and psycho-analytically to understand the unconscious origin of one's present problems.

Do you work with dreams?


How long is therapy?

I work on an open ended basis depending on the client's preference, I also offer short term therapy.

When can I start?

Contact me on 07904 115 795 in order to arrange a mutually convenient initial consultation.

Do you charge a fee for consultation?

The fee is £70.00 (I do have a sliding scale).

How much does therapy cost?

My fees are £70.00. I have a sliding scale of fees, depending on your circumstances. I also have a small number of low-cost therapy places available for people who are unable to afford private therapy.

What happens when I contact you?

When you make contact by telephone or email we can discuss meeting. This meeting, an initial consultation will last between one and one and a half hours. This will give us an opportunity to meet each other and to decide if we can work together. I hope that you will feel able to talk freely about what has brought you to me, and of any anxieties or expectations you might have. There will also be an opportunity for us to talk about fees, appointment times, cancellations and confidentiality.

How do I know if a counsellor or psychotherapist is qualified to help me?

The UK Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP) have a register of qualified psychotherapists. They have a code of conduct that therapists have to adhere to. You can visit their website at www.psychotherapy.org.uk. Additionally the BACP also have a register and you can visit their website at www.bacp.co.uk.

BACP Registered