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Counsellor/Psychotherapy and Supervision Service in Golders Green, North West London and Stamford Hill

Rebecca offers a special Pre-Nuptial Therapy Service, consisting of a 6 week programme for individuals and/or couples.

Pre-Nuptial counselling helps individuals and couples to strengthen their relationship before marriage, in order to be better equipped to deal with the challenges and conflicts that every couple inevitably faces at some point in their marriage about every days issues that we often take for granted.

Pre-Nuptial Counselling helps to identify issues that may become problematic - Such as:


  • Handling money, housework responsibilities
  • Raising children, work-family balance, careers
  • Time spent together


  • Relationship with Partner and with future In-Laws


  • With Partner, Parents and In-Laws and children

Conflict Resolution:

  • How to deal with big and small problems, such as
  • Financial matters, In-Laws, Bickering, What to eat and When to eat!


  • Physical and emotional matters

In a safe, confidential and professional setting, Rebecca offers a unique opportunity to think and work with different ideas and concerns before embarking on what is considered to be one of the most important days of your life.

Understanding your partnership and exploring your strengths and vulnerabilities will be part of the focus of this Pre-Nuptial Therapy Service.

Understanding the differences that both partners will bring into the marital relationship.

Identifying and working through your challenges and gaining positive negotiating skills and positive tools to resolve conflicts.

BACP Registered