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Counsellor/Psychotherapy and Supervision Service in Golders Green, North West London and Stamford Hill

How I Work

I work psychoanalytically, which seeks to understand the unconscious origin of one's present problems. This is often achieved by resolving past conflicts rooted in infancy, childhood and adolescence which are often re-experienced and repeated in our present lives (without even realising it!)

I also encourage the use of dreams and fantasy material. This can often be a really exciting and enhancing part of the therapeutic process, as it helps to access the unconscious part of the mind and liberates some of the repressed feelings into the conscious mind.

I work psycho-dynamically, which means working with the interpersonal relationship between client and therapist. At the same time, I offer a warmth and empathic understanding and within a trusting therapeutic relationship I am committed to a client-centred approach that together with a non-judgemental attitude and respect, allow me to offer insights arising from our conversations, which ultimately help to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of yourself.

I offer once and/or twice weekly therapy. Each session is 50 minutes. I work during the day and I have some early evening sessions. I work short term with some clients who prefer more goal orientated therapy and long term with clients who prefer more time to work slowly through issues. I work with adolescents through to the elderly and with both men and women. I work with Trainee counsellors/psychotherapists.

BACP Registered